How to get her

to send you Nudes...

April 27, 2024 at 10am CT

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"I Stopped worrying about trying to “get lucky” on dates and use “String Theory” to build the chemistry via text message before meeting instead."

Important: For Men who are frustrated at the lack of chemistry with the women they date.

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Special Guests

Mjaie Mangus

Eric Hypnotica

Kezia Noble

Sheena Sharma

In This Workshop You'll Discover:

The Test message that gets women to send you nudes

(This has been working to get high quality women to WANT to send me naughty pictures… and once that happens, I KNOW “Getting lucky” on a date isn’t down to chance anymore… it’s guaranteed.)

How "String Theory” is the best method to have amazing text interactions with women where she will not only reply back... but will send naughty messages to you... all the time.

(IMPORTANT: Once you understand this, texting becomes a walk in the park, and ghosting will be a thing of the past)

I’ll break down some text message examples of women i’m in relations with so you can see real world examples of this in action

(There is NO B.S. here, everything works and is proven)

My name is Adam Lyons

I’ve been a dating coach for over 18 years.

I’ve been a writer for Forbes, Ask Men, and my own love life has been portrayed in the media for years, from two different documentaries to being featured on The Steve Harvey Show, the Today Show, the New York Post, and so many more media publications proving and showing with clear evidence that I truly am the real deal.

In fact, I’ve been called the Dating Coach’s Dating Coach…

…as I’m the person that other professionals turn to when they need help in their own dating lives due to my strict confidentiality policies and how I refuse to judge any client, no matter the problem.

In fact, the last 15 years, I’ve been a ghostwriter of many other dating coach’s programs.

I created programs for almost all of the other leading dating companies in the world and you can find some of my most basic lessons through their very best products.

I’m happy to report that I have a near-perfect track record of my students getting the results they want and it is something that I am incredibly proud of.

I’ve helped people from different backgrounds, physicalities and with various physical disabilities, from severe facial disfigurement to blindness, to being wheelchair bound.

And none of these issues have ever stopped my students from getting the results they want.

I do this by giving them no B.S. information on what women really need versus what they say they want. I don’t say any of this to brag. I’m simply stating that I’ve devoted years of my life to helping people understand how attraction works and how to trigger it.

Excellence through Passion

Some of our success stories

Excellence through Passion

More Case Studies of Our students

Ben talks about how Adam taught him how to get women to chase HIM.

Max sold his truck to master dating during Covid from Adam.

Norbert talks about how Adam’s coaching got him his ideal woman.

Rahul learned to have so much bedroom fun, his body couldn’t take it.

Jeffrey learned to be great with women through Adam’s coaching.

Scott has to choose which women to spend time with after Adam’s help.

Rick explains why Adam is the best in the world at what he does.

Imran gained “social superpowers” from Adam’s coaching.

Fred has his mindset completely changed by Adam’s philosophy.

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on April 27, 2024 at 10am CT

How String Theory

Makes her want to send you spicy pictures...

Live Zoom Workshop with Adam Lyons
$97 only $47 (you keep the recording)

if you reserve your seat in the next:

Important: For Men who are frustrated at the lack of chemistry with the women they date.

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