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Eve Lyons
Polyamorous Dating Coach
Lloyd Dixon
Dating Coach
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Michael Sartain
Host of the Michael Sartain Podcast
Marni Wing Girl
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Vince Kelvin
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About Your Host Adam Lyons

I wasn’t always a globally-recognized dating coach, featured in documentaries and the media.

In fact, I used to be frustrated that the most beautiful women never seemed to notice me. It was so bad for me that even if I did get the chance to date someone, it wouldn’t be long before the relationship ended, usually with them cheating on me and dumping me for the new guy.

I don’t want anyone else to go through what I went through ever again, that’s why I’m on a mission to find people that I KNOW I can easily help change their lives by getting them a dating life that’s packed with attractive people who TRULY WANT to be with them.

When I set about solving this for myself, I tried to find people to help me.

Sadly, what I found is that many of the so-called experts are simply sharing the same information that they’ve copied from the same articles and videos I could easily find for free on the internet.
So I knew when I helped people, I wanted to do something better.

I spent three years researching, studying, and testing actual dating studies that I found and decided that I’d only consider results that got me success at least 8 times out of 10 as significant enough to include in my own methods and systems.
I’ve gone on to use those same discoveries to become recognized as one of the worlds leading dating coaches, featured on the Today Show with Megan Kelly, CNN, Fox News and have even had multiple documentaries made about me.
This is mostly because I have a NEED to break down dating into the most simple set of actions steps that anyone can follow.

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