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Become a High-Quality Man in Just 5 Days

If we can't make you more attractive in 5 days, you'll get your money back.

Dec 5 - 9, 2023 in Austin, TX

This is a LIVE In-Person Workshop

Due to the availability of the instructors, this is a one-time only event.

Enrollment ends on Oct 15 at 9pm CT


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Most men say their dating life sucks because there are no high quality women near them

…but it’s impossible for there to be zero high quality women where you live.

I live in Paige, Texas with a population of less that 2000 people and I have no problem finding, meeting, and attracting high quality women consistently… and even having threesomes with them.

Here’s the brutal truth:

You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.

Trust me, it was a hard lesson to learn for me too…

If you want to attract a high-quality woman and KEEP her, you need to keep leveling up as a High Quality Man.

I’m gonna let you in on a secret… leveling up isn’t just about making money or getting into shape because there’s always someone with more money or more muscle.

Rich guys and ripped guys get cheated on an dumped every day… just like everyone else

But they’re always missing something, aren’t they?

A High-Quality Man crushes not just in one or two areas, but across every area of life that women find irresistibly attractive.

You could be doing well because you’ve got a stable job..

You could be hitting the gym regularly.

And while those are important, they’re just pieces of a larger puzzle.

What about your ability to handle stress and conflict?

How good are you in the kitche?

How good are you at emotionally connecting with women?

You see, women are drawn to men who offer more than just a one-dimensional experience. They’re looking for complexity, depth, and a range of qualities that assure them you’re a catch worth keeping.

But they’ll never tell you that… they just call it “chemistry”

So how do you go from being a “nice guy” to having that magical chemistry that makes you irreplaceable?

The journey starts with know the skills that make a man truly stand out, traits that are not just desirable but essential for keeping her forever.

A lot of women believe this is actually true:

But that’s not true… because all my students do.

The question is: Do you?

There was a time when I didn’t know ANY of this…

In fact, this is what I used to look like:

But I learned all of these skills because I wanted to be prepared when I met the woman of my dreams:

Picture this: You meet a woman who seems incredible.

She’s everything you’ve ever wanted—intelligent, beautiful, and shares your sense of humor.

You’ve had a few dates, maybe even shared a couple of unforgettable moments.

But then, she starts to pull away. Her texts become less frequent, the laughter a little forced, and before you know it, she’s telling you, ‘You’re a great guy, but I just don’t feel that chemistry.’

It’s a gut-punch, a direct hit to your self-esteem, and the worst part?

You don’t even know what went wrong.

You replay every interaction in your mind, trying to pinpoint the moment when the magic faded, but come up empty.

She moves on, and you’re left wondering what you could’ve done differently to keep her interested.

Now, imagine watching this scenario unfold not once, not twice, but over and over again.

Each time, you’re left with the haunting realization that you missed your shot, simply because you couldn’t offer the qualities she truly desired.

It’s not just about losing a potential partner—it’s about missing an opportunity for a fulfilling, meaningful relationship.

Don’t let that be you…

The Truth About Becoming High-Quality

The truth is, these missed opportunities often come down to a lack of well-rounded qualities—qualities that every woman desires but rarely finds all in one man.

But what if you could become that rare exception?

What if you could be the man who not only captures but keeps her interest, offering her everything she’s been searching for?

According to extensive research and numerous psychological studies, there are certain traits that women universally find attractive in men.

These aren’t just random skills or characteristics; they’re backed by science, hardwired into the human psyche over thousands of years of evolution.

For example…

The problem is most men dedicate their whole lives to knowing just ONE of these qualities.

But what if you didn’t have to? What if you could master not just one, but all of these desirable traits? Imagine the magnetic appeal you’d have.

Picture yourself walking into a room, confident in your abilities, knowing you embody everything a high-quality woman desires.

Sounds like a dream, right?

Here’s the kicker—it doesn’t have to be a monumental task.

Ever heard of the 80/20 principle? It’s the idea that just 20% of your efforts can yield 80% of the results.

What if you could apply that to becoming the High-Quality Man you’ve always wanted to be? You don’t have to spend years in culinary school, or countless hours reading financial books…

A comprehensive, accelerated program designed to transform you into the High-Quality Man that every woman desires, but never finds.

We’ve hired experts in each of these industries to teach you the 80/20 of it in a single day!

Here are the different hats you’ll get to wear over this 5-Day Workshop:

Day 1 - The Chef

Your Experts for this day Include: Adam Lyons

Private Chef and Culinary Hobbiest

With dishes that range from Traditional Ethiopian Doro Wot, to hand crafted Japanese Nigiri, Adam Lyons is the 3rd generation of a family of chefs from the UK.

While never a professional, Adam crafts meals that would be fitting on many 5* restaurants tables.

You will learn simple techniques to craft impressive meals fast. These techniques will have people salivating for your cooking for years to come.

You will start to master the following skills:

The Chef VIP Experience

Female Body Sushi Afterparty (VIP only)

There is an ancient art called Nyotaimori is the Japanese practice of serving sashimi or sushi from the naked body of a woman. Not only you will learn how to make top grade sushi, but get to experience Nyotaimori in person so that you can do this at your own parties as well.

Day 2 - The Provider

Your Experts for this day Include: Chris Gardner

Founder & C.E.O. of Mind Shift Financial

Today, Chris is an author and nationally sought after speaker who works with thousands of people just like you, revealing the secrets to building your own private family bank.

With a clear focus on education instead of selling Chris has revolutionized how thousands of people understand money and has personally walked entire families from debt to generational wealth.

You will start to master the following skills:

The Provider Experience (VIP Only)

The Faceless Adult Entertainer Business Mogul (VIP Only):

Learn the ins and outs of creating a lucrative OnlyFans account as a male content creator WITHOUT being on camera. Discover how to create high-value content, turning your lifestyle into an income stream while elevating your social status.

Subtle Body Language Mastery (VIP Only):

Imagine being able to INSTANTLY UNDERSTAND and ANTICIPATE women’s needs. This level of insight can give you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE in any situation.

In today’s world, where distractions are everywhere, building instant report through effective communication is the most critical skill set we can have.

Subtle Body Language Mastery (VIP Only):

Imagine being able to INSTANTLY UNDERSTAND and ANTICIPATE women’s needs. This level of insight can give you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE in any situation.

In today’s world, where distractions are everywhere, building instant report through effective communication is the most critical skill set we can have.

Your Experts for this day Include: Brian Galke

Facial Feature and Micro-Expressions Expert

Meet Brian, the Introverted/Extroverted professional who discovered the secret to success: good communication skills. In order to overcome his social anxiety, Brian intentionally pursued positions where people naturally came to him for help. With every job, he sought to improve his social skills through learning tips and tricks to interact with others effectively.

But what was the one skill that changed everything for Brian? The ability to decode facial features. By learning how to interpret the subtle signals that people’s faces give off, Brian was able to better understand and communicate with others, which in turn helped him succeed professionally and personally.

Day 3 - The Protector

Your Experts for this day Include: Chris Casamasa

10th Degree Black Belt and Hollywood Action Star

Born into the martial arts, trained by his father a Grand master himself, and exposed to other grandmasters throughout his life has given him a unique perspective on the changes and direction that the martial arts are moving in today.

As a young man he also became involved in acting and has been part of many block buster movies highlighting martial arts such as Batman, Mortal Combat, and Blade. Also active as world class competitor in the sport martial arts circuit he won several titles establishing himself as a world class martial artist and athlete.

You will start to master the following skills:

The Protector Experience (VIP Only)

Mastering BDSM (VIP Only):

Dive into the world of BDSM with a focus on safety, consent, and mutual pleasure. Learn the ropes of bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, and more. Become a man who not only knows your way around the bedroom, but can lead any woman to try new experiences no other man ever has.

Your Experts for this day Include: The GothessBri

Educator and Professional Dominatrix

With a strong background in Healthy BDSM and Consent, The GothessBri is an excellent example of how to integrate a healthy BDSM dynamic into any relationship.

A Mistress of the sensual Delights who helps people explore the boundaries of sensation, helping those who have you explored normal bedroom delight’s and found them lacking.

For the select few who dare to venture beyond the veil, this artisan of sensation, will guide you through realms of pleasure and pain, intertwining them until they are indistinguishable.

Day 4 - The Handyman

Your Experts for this day Include: Bijan Irani

Mechanic and Exotic Sports Car Remodeler

An enthusiast of professional racing Cars, Bijan has been repairing and rebuilding exotic cars for as long as he can remember. He now co-owns a local Mechanic shop and specializes in helping even young children learn the basics of mechanics.

You will start to master the following skills:

The Handyman Experience (VIP Only)

Mastering Female Ejaculation (VIP Only):

Continue mastering your HANDY man skills 😉 with the most talked-about but least understood aspects of female pleasure… Learn the art of helping a woman experience ‘squirting’ in a safe, consensual, and educational setting. This skill not only enhances your sexual prowess but also deepens emotional connections, making you unforgettable in the most intimate moments.

Day 5 - The Artist

Your Experts for this day Include: Eve Lyons

Hollywood Photographer

Graduating from the Los Angeles School of Art Eve is no stranger to the art world. Photographing famous celebrities from Machine Gun Kelly to Kit Harrington and Paris Hilton, she knows what it takes to be a photographer that works with the stars.

You will start to master the following skills:

The Artist Experience (VIP Only)

Exploring Shibari (VIP only):

Delve into the sensual world of Shibari with hands-on practice. Learn the intricate techniques of Japanese rope tying in a safe, consensual environment, and get real-time practice with willing women. Elevate your intimate experiences and deepen emotional connections through this ancient art form.

Shibari Meets Photography (VIP Only):

Merge your newfound skills in photography and Shibari to create evocative, sensual art. Experience a guided, hands-on session where you’ll get to practice rope tying and simultaneously capture it through the lens, all in a respectful, consensual setting. Elevate your artistic and intimate prowess, while creating deeply engaging and personal works of art.

Meet Adam Lyons

Voted the Number 1 Dating Coach in the world 3 times in a row, star of multiple documentaries about dating and attraction, author and public speaker, Adam Lyons is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading authority on practical dating and attraction.

His trainings are one of the most sought after in the world of dating and attraction. Adam is often hired to train the coaches and create the training methods of other world-class dating education companies.

Adam’s ability to teach people how to improve their dating lives has been well documented in news reports and international documentaries. Many of the world’s other dating experts look to Adam for help in their personal lives.

Case Studies

Click images to play videos
Ben talks about how Adam taught him how to get women to chase HIM.
Max sold his truck to master dating during Covid from Adam.
Jeffrey learned to be great with women through Adam’s coaching.

Fred has his mindset completely changed by Adam’s philosophy.

Rick explains why Adam is the best in the world at what he does.

Imran gained “social superpowers” from Adam’s coaching.

Join Adam Lyons for the:

High-Quality Man Workshop

LIVE in Austin, Texas December 5th - 9th 2023

Join the Thousands of Men That Have Experienced this Life-Changing Coaching

What You Get

You’ll get all of the daytime trainings to acquire the skills of a truly High-Quality Man.

Day 1 - Become a Kitchen Hero

Day 2 - Be the Man with the Plan

Day 3 - Be the Guy Who Keeps Her Safe

Day 4 - Be the Handy Man She Needs

Day 5 - The Artist

Total Value $12,317

Get Your Ticket Now For

Affirm Payment Plans Starting As Low As $173.23 per month

What You Get

You’l get all the daytime trainings PLUS the evening VIP bonuses to make you incredible in the bedroom.

Day 1 - Become a Kitchen Hero

Day 2 - Be the Man with the Plan

Day 3 - Be the Guy Who Keeps Her Safe

Day 4 - Be the Handy Man She Needs

Day 5 - The Artist

Total Value $24,950

Get Your Ticket Now For

Affirm Payment Plans Starting As Low As $346.55 per month

What You Get

You’ll get all the daytime and evening VIP bonuses PLUS shadow Adam one-on-one with daily secret trainings.

Day 1 - Become a Kitchen Hero

Day 2 - Be the Man with the Plan

Day 3 - Be the Guy Who Keeps Her Safe

Day 4 - Be the Handy Man She Needs

Day 5 - The Artist

Total Value $149,950

Get Your Ticket Now For

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Registration for the High-Quality Man Workshop is CLOSED but you still have a shot at attending by clicking the button to the right.

Student Results

Travis Schneider

After most of my life struggling with women I used 1/10th of what Adam teaches and strippers and models constantly hit me up now.

Norbert Nemes

I had a list of 10 things I really wanted in a woman. I finally met her, and now she’s my girlfriend. It was all because of Adam.

Rahul Sethi

I legitimately had to break up with a woman because her appetite for physical intimacy was more than my body could keep up with.

Christian Mickelsen

I found a couple of girls to date together in San Diego for lots of threesomes. Now my dating life is epic and easy.

Scott Chrisostomo

Thanks to Adam, a typical week for me now involves trying to find time to fit multiple dates into my schedule.

Guantam Rao

I was having events where I would have 30 women show up after applying Adam’s coaching. I met all the beautiful women I want now.

Frequently Asked Questions

The truth is, there’s no other bootcamp like this on the planet. Sure, you might find workshops that teach some of these skills, but none of them integrate it with groundbreaking dating advice like we do.

Adam Lyons, has transformed the dating lives of over 350,000 men across 18 years, and will be sharing insights and nuances that he’s never taught before. So, you’re not just getting a skillset; you’re getting a comprehensive strategy for becoming the most attractive and competent version of yourself.

That’s what makes this a one-of-a-kind experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re already in a relationship, that’s great! But don’t think for a second that this workshop isn’t for you.

We designed this program with one goal in mind: to make you a higher-quality man. And that’s a win-win, whether you’re single or taken. In fact, most of our students end up in relationships because the qualities you’ll learn are not just for the dating phase; they’re long-term relationship keepers.

The biggest mistake men make? They stop leveling up once they’re in a relationship. And that’s when they start to lose their partner’s attraction. Don’t be that guy. Imagine surprising her with a gourmet meal or fixing something around the house without breaking a sweat.

This workshop takes you from being a good partner to being an irresistible one. So, even if you’ve already got someone special, trust me, she’ll love the ‘new and improved’ you even more.

Preparation is key in all aspects of life, especially when it comes to relationships.

If you only start trying to work on yourself once you meet that special someone, you’re setting yourself up for failure. It’s like a boxer starting to train only after he’s scheduled for a championship fight—he’s doomed before he even steps into the ring.

This Workshop gives you the tools to become the best version of yourself now, so when the woman of your dreams does walk into your life, you’ll be more than ready to win her over and keep her interested.

Excellence is a never-ending pursuit. This Workshop isn’t just for beginners; it’s designed to elevate everyone, no matter where they’re starting from. We refine your existing skills and polish those rough edges to make you even better.

But what truly sets us apart is customization. We tailor the program based on the attendees. If you’re already a whiz in, say, culinary arts but could use some tips on financial management, let us know! We’ll adjust the content so that you’re gaining new insights and value every single day.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal; it’s about creating a well-rounded, irresistible version of you.

Look, here’s the deal: Women are attracted to competence, period.

They want a man who’s not just good in one area, but a jack-of-all-trades. That’s exactly what our 5-Day Workshop is designed to do—transform you into that well-rounded, competent man that every woman desires.

We’re talking cooking skills for intimate dinners, handyman skills so you’re not helpless around the house, and even financial skills to show you’re a responsible adult.

And the best part? We tie all these skills back to dating, showing you how to leverage them to become absolutely irresistible to women.

So, it’s not just about learning random skills; it’s about becoming the total package.

We’re purposely not announcing the price publicly

(To make it harder for our competitors to steal our ideas – They do this a lot)

But don’t convince yourself that it will be free or cheap.

We’re bringing in Authors, Experts, Movie Actors, Adult Entertainers.

These all cost money.

Plus we have costs for staff etc to run an event like this.

However we’re not running it to make a profit.

We make profit from selling digital courses, things we can scale.

We do events like this for FUN, and because we want to do them.

So your “buying in” to help us cover the costs.

If you were to try to pay for this all yourself, the fee would be so HUGE you would never do it.

But by us finding a few people who we get along with to share the costs, we can all do an amazing experience like this.

So instead ask yourself this: What’s the value of becoming the best version of yourself?

Of having a once in a lifetime experience like this that you share with a few epic individuals?

The reason I’m so attractive, is I do things like this ALOT.

And even if YOU don’t make it… i’ll do this with some other guys.

Guys who will all move another 5 steps closer to being the most attractive, competent, and confident versions of themselves.
You will be able to add all these certifications and experiences to your resume and have amazing stories to tell to all the new (higher quality) women you will meet.

We’re doing it because we believe it’s going to be an incredible experience with the right people. That’s also why we’re highly selective about who we invite.