Most Dating Coaches will spend their energy trying to explain why you should work with them.

However, I’m at a point in my career where I have the luxury of being able to choose who I work with. I have a near perfect track record of my students getting the results they want, and it is something I am incredible proud of.
I’ve learnt through over 12 years of teaching people the art of dating and attraction that there are some people that just aren’t ready to improve their relationships or dating life. When you work with people who aren’t ready to improve their life, it’s like fighting an uphill battle.
I’ve chosen to focus my efforts on finding more of my ideal client, people who are ready to fix their dating life, get the results they want, and finally get the intimacy, love and relationship of their dreams.
Listed below are a list of the 3 reasons why you should NOT work with me. If however, you do read them, and think you may actually be an ideal fit to work with me, then thats great news! I know I can help anyone who matches my ideal client, and in fact I can help them faster, easier and help them get even better results than they imagined.
In fact, for my ideal client, there is no problem I can’t help them get past, or result I can’t help them get.


I can't help you if you believe you're helpless

There are some people who genuinely feel that because they are overweight, a specific race, or “Ugly” that they have zero chance to improve their dating life.

The reality is I’ve helped people from different backgrounds, physicality’s and with various physical disabilities. From sever facial disfigurement to blindness, to being wheelchair bound, NONE of these issues stopped my students from getting the results they want.
However the students who BELIEVE they are a lost cause are always the hardest to teach. They resist all attempts to improve, and argue with proven psychological data and empirical evidence. This time is wasted and could instead be used helping them get the life and results they want.
In summary, nothing stops you getting the results you want in your dating life except you, and it’s the one thing I can’t help you with. If you believe you’re a lost cause, I’m not the Dating Coach for you.


If you're not willing to interact with people in real life, you wont enjoy my training.

I can, and have taught students about online dating. However, I know from experience that the best results happen from real life meetings. You don’t have to run around approaching strangers, however the art of being social is one of the most attractive qualities for humans.

As a society we acknowledge social power, from our governmental systems to friend groups, almost everything we do is a social act. In fact Humans only survived and evolved the way we did due to social interactions and team work. In recent years people have become more withdrawn, and focused on isolated activities, these have caused a rise in unhappiness and connection both inside and outside relationships.
Despite my appearance I’m actually an introvert myself, and need to withdraw from others to recharge, I have however, learned the power of being able to “be social” when required. This is one of the key triggers of attraction, and I want my students to have the best tools at their disposal. 
If you’re not willing to use all the best tools to help you get the best results, you won’t enjoy my training. I focus on just one thing, getting you everything you want, I just need you to be willing to try and use all the things I teach you.


If you don't have a stable income, this isn't for you.

One of the first lessons I teach people is based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. In short, there are 5 levels of needs, and Maslow argues that you have to complete a previous level before you’re capable of going to the next one.

Dating and Relationships sit at the 3rd level. The previous level is security and stability. It’s almost impossible for you to fix your dating life if you’re not secure or stable in your own life.
To be clear, I’m not saying you CAN’T fix it. in fact I myself am living proof that you can be in an unstable situation and still fix your dating life, as I was practically homeless and earning less than $500 a month when I started my own journey. However, most people are not in the right headspace to improve their dating life if they haven’t gotten their own finances and career in order. 
For most people it makes sense to stabilize your life economically and then move on to improving your dating life and relationships. That way you’re not stressing about little things like paying for a date, or a new wardrobe etc.


If you're not willing to interact with people in real life, you wont enjoy my training.

I have my own family and children and over hundreds of thousands of followers online, I produce as much free content as I can, however the best results will always come from training with my team and I, and we just can’t afford to give this away for free, or we’re negatively impacting our own families to serve others. 

We do all we can to produce hours of free content every week to help as many people as possible, however when it comes to answering a specific question from just one person, it’s selfish to spend time on that one person and ignore the other hundreds of thousands. So instead we focus on providing as much free content as we can justify, and then FOCUS on helping those who are committed to improve their own lives.
Ultimately working with us ends up being around the same price as hiring any other professional. From physical fitness, to business advice. Our prices are in line. However, we believe the benefits from getting this part of your life handled, are almost always bigger than they seem.
For example: What value would you put on a happy relationship? How much is Physical intimacy every night worth to you? How much would you invest to ensure your children had the very best genetics possible? What is the value of avoiding a costly divorce? 
These are all benefits of getting this part of your life handled and in control. Ultimately we all believe that there are very few investments you can make into yourself that pay out as well as learning how to improve your dating life, and my team and I are living proof of just how much we believe that as we all made that decision ourselves long ago.


If you don't have a stable income, this isn't for you.

My own love life has been portrayed in the media for the last 10 years or so. I’ve been featured on Steve Harvey, The Today Show, the NY Post and more.

If I was incapable of helping people improve their dating life or was some kind of scam I would have been outed long ago. We’re more than happy to provide references, testimonials and more to clients that are considering working with us. In fact you only have to read the comments from some of our free online trainings to see just how impressed people are with the content we create (and that’s just the free stuff).
In fact for the last 10 years we’ve created programs for almost all of the other leading dating companies, and you can find our lessons throughout their best products. I’ve been called the Dating coaches, Dating Coach as I’m the person the other professionals tend to turn to when they need help in their own dating lives, due to my strict confidentiality policies, and how I refuse to judge any client, no matter the problem 


If you're not willing to interact with people in real life, you wont enjoy my training.

My main goal is to help you understand how attraction works. Then I want you to develop a strict practice schedule so that you can build some healthy habits around using the techniques we teach.

After you learn the “why” we give step by step instructions that you can follow that give actual recordable results which help you measure and assess your progress. 
We help you understand why things happen in relationships, that appear to have no logical explanation and then help you understand what to do in order to prevent those problems from happening again.
After working with me, you will know how to meet people, have great conversations that make people smile and laugh. You will know how to trigger attraction, stay out of the “friend zone”, be more interesting, know how to get them aroused, and then be intimate in a way that them not only consenting… but craving you. 

You will then know how to build a healthy relationship, and maintain the love, fun and intimacy for years to come.


Click on the link below and download my free book. 

Read it and see if it resonates with you. If you like it, consider watching some of my free online masterclasses. 

If they help you, consider getting on a call with one of my team to see how we can help you further.

Sound fair to you?

Thanks for taking the time to read this page, and learning more about me and what my team and I do.

Enjoy your journey and I hope we get to speak soon.

Adam Lyons